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Last updated: 4/8/19
  Clearwater, Florida is blessed with a beautiful, world-class beach. However, its great popularity comes with an increasingly frustrating curse.

We Aim to End the Curse of Traffic Congestion!

Our mission is to reduce car and bus traffic on Clearwater Beach by implementing the same kind of ingenuity Americans developed to take men safely to the moon and back!  On May 5, 2016 we first proposed to our city the best way to reduce beach traffic through a Public Private Partnership to create a new, 21st century mode of public transit. We proposed an elevated, guideway-based, MagLev system powered by the sun. It will be the smartest, fastest and most fun way to go to the beach.  See the video at www.skyTran.com

BeachTran Clearwater, LLC hopes to break ground before the end of 2020* on the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solution to our serious (and growing) beach traffic problem.       
*Groundbreaking hinges on the results of engineering studies, obtaining aerial rights of way, as well as skyTran, Inc's. obtaining certification for their system in Florida.

Imagine soaring above the slow-moving traffic enjoying a Pelican's eye viewTM of Clearwater Harbor and the Intercoastal Waterway while on your way to Pier 60.

Aerial Personal Rapid Transit (APRT) is quick!  It will only take a few minutes to reach the beach in comfort with your friends or family.  It's safe.  It's green.  It's quiet.  It's ADA compliant.  It's powered by the sun.  BeachTran is economical.   
It's the "smart solution to traffic congestion".

BeachTran will provide riders of all ages a Disney-like, fun experience.  Stress-free transit is our goal.  Arrive at the beach in a good mood, ready for fun. Later, head home happy.

Imagine no longer driving around searching for a place to park!  No longer having to navigate the busy traffic circle! No need to trek over the hot pavement or, having to cross busy streets to reach the sugar sand beach!

Imagine an end to all the frustration triggered by creeping bumper-to-bumper across bridges or being stuck on streets jammed with first time tourists and all the students coming here on spring break.  No more worries about parking tickets or the cost of beach parking.

         Parking fees saved can pay for your ride on BeachTran.

Frequent riders will save even more by purchasing weekly, monthly or an annual pass with our smartphone app.     
(Our local residents, our veterans, our seniors, students and beach  employees will be eligible for discounted passes.)   

skyTran, Inc. is our system vendor.  They're a NASA Space Act Company  who have developed a safe, smart, green and economical form of elevated transit utilizing passive MagLev technology. 

As one of the first cities in the world with the opportunity to implement a  skyTran point-to-point overhead transit system, Clearwater's residents and visitors may look forward to one day enjoying the benefits of the smartest, fastest and most fun way to go to and from one of America's best beaches.

Introducing Florida to sustainable 21st Century rapid transit technology was the necessary and important initial mission of BeachTran USA, LLC.  

Becoming the first owner - operator in Florida is next!  And, we're planning today how to expand service by developing a regional network of routes for this smart, fast and fun mode of transit.  (See: www.tampabaytransit.com)
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Introducing Aerial Personal Rapid Transit 
to Florida beginning in our hometown: Clearwater.